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Guillaume Daeppen

Stephane Moscato aka STF | Entre Chien et Loup | Installation Juni 2013

Stephane Moscato aka STF | Entre Chien et Loup | Installation Juni 2013

Guillaume Daeppen
Gallery for Urban Art & space for zines and prints

Wir organisieren zwischen 6 bis 8 Ausstellungen pro Jahr. Schwerpunkte:  Urban / Stencil / Post Punk / Skater artists. Sie finden auch zines und kleine Editionen.

Since 2006 the gallery focus on a generation of young artists working essentially with new medias. With the show BORN TO BE PUNK (2009) the gallery confirms his new direction and continues to develop his programm and to question the concepts White Cube, Street, Urban or Guerilla Art as well the relations between art, fashion, illustration, design, music, internet and photography.

Urban art is a style of art being inspired by urban architecture or urban life style.
Urban art represents a broader cross section of artists that as well as covering street artists working in formal gallery spaces also cover artists using more traditional media but with a subject matter that deals with contemporary urban culture and political issues.

Coup de Coeur # our space for zines and prints  shows a selection of post punk / skater zines and small editions.



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Gallery Hours
Wednesday 17.00 – 20.00
Thursday 17.00 – 20.00
Friday 17.00 – 20.00
Saturday 12.00 – 17.00
The gallery is closed in July / August

Phone 079 467 90 62

Müllheimerstrasse 144 / Ecke Amerbachstrasse

Tram 8 Stop Bläsiring
Tram 1 Stop Dreirosenbrücke
Tram 14 Stop Musical Theater



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